• Our services are always completely free for performing artists.
  • After payment within two days, paid with the day-week or month table.
  • Invoice performances easily without administration, Chamber of Commerce or taxnumber.
  • All taxes arranged with the withholding agent statement (IPV).
  • Register at Prae Artiestenverloning

    We are excited to welcome you at Prae Artiestenverloning. As an artist, you can send invoices automatically or as a group with our withholding obligation statement (IPV) to your clients and after payment you can easily have them paid according to the artists regulation.

    We use a number of conditions and guidelines to register you:

  • We love artists, that's why our service is completely free!
  • A performing artist is someone who gives a performance to an audience.
  • We pay through the artist scheme with the small compensation scheme (KVR).
  • Not 18 years old?Contact us, we will be happy to help you.
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